Are you looking for an effective, painless and straightforward alternative to cosmetic surgery? Well, do we have a solution for you!

Exilis Ultra is a non-invasive, safe, and affordable way to take years off your appearance.

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What can Exilis Ultra do for me?

No surgery or toxic injections are needed to banish the crow’s feet around your eyes, cellulite, double chins, crepey thighs, sagging jowls, small fat deposits or bra fat rolls. This anti-aging treatment also works to tighten your skin, smooth your forehead. It can also give your butt a lift. It smooths your wrinkles and tightens your skin all with no downtime and virtually pain-free!

How does body contouring with Exilis Ultra work?

Body contouring with Exilis Ultra uses a combination of ultrasound and radio frequencies that are delivered simultaneously. The handheld device is moved over your target area, delivering heat and energy deep into your tissues. This targeting enables the body to boost the ability to influence cell membrane permeability and stimulate the production of collagen. The targeting also facilitates cell nutrition and tissue regeneration, which leads to improved skin tightness and texture. The sessions last about 20-30 minutes, and you can achieve optimal results in two to four sessions over several months. Common treatment areas include arms, back, legs, butt, abdomen, knees, chin area, jawline, décolleté, mouth, and the eye area.

If you are 25-70 years old and want to see dramatic results with your appearance without surgery or injections, Exilis Ultra is the perfect solution. Call us now to schedule an appointment and let’s get to work contouring your body into perfection.

Combine Exilis Ultra with Vanquish ME for maximum results.