Moles and Skin Lesions

Moles and skin lesions not only affect your appearance, but they may also pose serious health risks such as cancer or melanoma. They can be frustrating to deal with, but now there is a safe and easy solution to get rid of these bothersome problems. A licensed skin professional will:

  • Observe any moles or skin lesions
  • Identify moles that could potentially be dangerous
  • Provide safe treatment options to remove them

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Mole Removal

At one time, moles were considered beauty marks. But for many people, not only do moles cause aesthetic concerns, they may also develop into cancer. Warning signs include:

  • Change in size, shape or color
  • Multiple colors
  • Itching or bleeding

Moles that become cancerous, called melanomas, need to be removed immediately to avoid spreading.

How are moles removed?

Whether a mole is removed for cosmetic reasons, because it rubs on clothes or is otherwise bothersome, or if it is suspected or confirmed to be cancerous, most can be safely and quickly removed through surgical excision. Using a local anesthetic, we will ensure the mole is completely removed so it cannot grow or spread. Because an incision will be made, there will be a scar, but we are especially careful to make the scar as inconspicuous as possible.

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Wart Removal

A wart is a small, hard, benign growth on the skin, usually caused when a virus enters the body through broken skin and causes that area to become infected, which can develop into a wart. These annoying, embarrassing warts can be removed by an exciting new procedure called electrocautery, which can:

  • Destroy unwanted growths
  • Eliminate the wart or damaged skin tissue
  • Even out the problematic area of skin
  • Ensure a safe, quick result

Nobody likes to deal with warts or skin growths, so why should you have to? Contact Stellar Skin and Laser and schedule an appointment right away so you can enjoy smooth, virus free skin!