about our dermatology practice  Tempe, AZ
Stellar Skin & Laser is a boutique medical spa in Tempe, Arizona, founded by registered nurse and certified laser technician, Cindi Kerzie, RN, CMLT. The practice offers a wide selection of aesthetic services, with a special focus on non-surgical treatments.

Rather than telling patients what they need, the providers at Stellar Skin & Laser strive to partner with their clients to help them achieve their desired outcome. They prioritize client comfort and satisfaction above all else. This means providing clients with personal attention and quality individualized care in a relaxed, professional setting.

With an experienced staff that includes a licensed aesthetician, Stellar Skin & Laser is able to perform every type of non-surgical cosmetic treatment for the face and body. The practice is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and medical equipment to deliver exceptional results at every visit.

In addition to performing standard aesthetic treatments like facials, chemical peels, and Botox®, Stellar Skin and Laser stands out for its groundbreaking body contouring and vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Clients hoping to reduce unwanted fat and enhance muscular definition can take advantage of the non-invasive EMSCULPT® treatments that the practice offers. Non-surgical procedures with Ultra Femme 360™ and EMSella® are also popular treatments that target vaginal rejuvenation and urinary incontinence.

From medical-grade skin care and injectables to noninvasive fat reduction and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss, Stellar Skin and Laser has the right aesthetic treatment for every client.

Call Stellar Skin & Laser today or request an appointment online to learn more.

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